Saturday, June 7, 2014

Programming in Emacs Lisp

1. List Processing
2. Practicing Evaluation
3. How To Write Function Definitions
4. A Few Buffer--Related Functions
5. A Few More Complex Functions
6. Narrowing and Widening
7. car, cdr, cons: Fundamental Functions
8. Cutting and Storing Text
9. How Lists are Implemented
10. Yanking Text Back
11. Loops and Recursion
12. Regular Expression Searches
13. Counting: Repetition and Regexps
14. Counting Words in a defun
15. Readying a Graph
16. Your `.emacs' File
17. Debugging
18. Conclusion
A. The the-the Function
B. Handling the Kill Ring
C. A Graph with Labelled Axes
D. GNU Free Documentation License
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